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1. Application Overview

One of the flourishing and best sites ever to hit the net, are the mobile app versions of sites similar to Pinterest that are often accessed via native mobile apps for IOS and Android users. These apps, designed specifically for its platform, allows you to flick through boards, add your own pins, and manage account settings. Create a profitable mobile application with a visual discovery engine for locating ideas like recipes, home and magnificence inspiration, and more. Allow saving images and posts that users are keen on, including a feature to save them for later to focus on their ideas and straightforward to search them out. These bookmarks could be used by folks to save lots of ideas they love on the app. When you click the bookmark, you will be able to visit the web site to find out the way to make it or where you can get it. As users discover more posts they like, introduce a SAVE button to avoid losing these posts. Users would definitely love adding photographs of their s’mores over the campfire, with a note to imply people how it went or add helpful tips for anyone else who might want to present it a go. Help them exhibit all the images they save, posts they create, and ideas they are trying in their profile. Allow them to also see who the boards, topics, are following. These are the most commonly sought out needs when launching a social networking mobile app that inspires users through posts. Furthermore, shine light on the fact that the user’s profile is not only a bunch of the ideas they wish but a mirrored image of who they are. It should ideally grow and evolve rather like the user with every post they save.

Sometimes you may find a post that you just know a follower will love. They would want to send it on to a follower or a gaggle during a message to pass the inspiration around. Incorporate the use of Messages in the app for users to speak together with their friends, whether or not you shared a post. They should see messages by clicking on their desktop or by tapping followed by Inbox on their cellular device. Data from these apps has been used for research in several areas. For instance, it’s possible to search out patterns of activity that attract the eye of audience and content reposting, including the extent to which users concentrate on particular topics, and homophily among users. Another work focused on studying the characteristics, manifestations and overall effects of user behaviors from various aspects, yet as correlations between neighboring users and therefore the topology of the network structure. For instance, Pinterest proposed a unique pinboard recommendation system for Twitter users. To start, it currently has quite 250 million active users. While this number is not quite as big as other social medias, it’s still substantial, especially after you concentrate on the exceptional selling power of the app. Your social media marketing app can also be a marketing powerhouse for online stores as users purchase items they stumble across on this organically at a far higher rate than the common social medium, and that’s partially because they are actively trying to find out things rather than just reactively scrolling through a feed.

If you’re wondering why creating such an app marketing strategy is worth the effort for your online store, take a look at the subsequent statistics:

  • 98% of users reported that they have tried new things they discover on Pinterest, compared to 71% on other platforms
  • Pinners are 39% more shop than users who don’t use the app. non-pinners.
  • 93% of its users have used Pinterest to plan, research, or make purchases.
  • 80% of Pinterest’s traffic comes from mobile users

App developers in Canada can design similar apps that have the potential to induce meaningful results, especially online stores selling physical goods that may be photographed. Business-to-consumer (B2C) companies normally have a far easier time on mobile apps than business-to-business (B2B) companies, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for the latter to induce traction on the platform. Ultimately, whether or not a similar app could be a good fit for your business will depend heavily on whether or not your audience overlaps with their existing user base. Let’s take a more in-depth look at who typically uses these apps today and why.

2. Features

Add new features that make it way more convenient for those who are trying new recipes, virtual events and other activities during quarantine time. These include the flexibility to feature a date or notes to a board similarly as automated ways to higher organize your bookmarks, with the assistance of machine learning technology. Social media apps have seen increases particularly kinds of activities on its platform amid the Pandemic. For example, there has been over 50% increase in people using the positioning to plan virtual events — like virtual birthday parties, baby showers or virtual educational activities. Meanwhile, it is also seen people planning ahead for his or her post-quarantine projects, yet as an overall 60% increase within the quantity of boards created versus the identical time last year.

The new feature of Mobile App Strategy that lets you add a date to a board could help with project planning or to easily keep boards better organized by dates. When projects wrap, it should be easier to go looking out the old boards to archive if they have a date attached. Finally, upgrade the app’s post/story technology to suggest sections to feature to a category. For instance, if you have a fairly broad topic the app could now recommend organizing the posts into sections.  

When you’re starting a novel category to post, enable the app to suggest sections to feature as soon as users save their first bookmark. Mobile application development companies suggest that It uses its data on billions of saved ideas combined with automated learning, on how bookmarks and posts should be grouped systematically. Initially, this may be challenging, because it has to accurately group together similar tags and assume how a user might want to rearrange their data place. These new features are very viral around the globe today on web, iOS and Android mobiles.

Include these new features to help the app respond better to the changes in consumer behavior since the COVID-19 pandemic, where people had temporarily turned aloof from planning for travel or in-person events, and instead are using their bookmarks to organize for quarantine-related activities, style of a child’s homeschooling or virtual events.

3. The technology stack

Even Pinterest began as a little startup, and has grown to an organization that serves +175B Pins to +250M people. While we’ve one in every one of the biggest datasets online, they’ve got 600+ engineers, making sure everyone has accessibility to technology to play their part in efficiently building and scaling this visual discovery engine through mobile app development services.

Products that can be used to create an app similar to Pinterest’s tech stack are: Acquia, Adobe Typekit, Amazon (EC2, EMR, Route 53, S3, Web Services), Apache (Cassandra, Commons, Thrift, Zookeeper), Appbot, Atlassian JIRA, Backbone.js, Crashlytics, Crittercism, DigitCert, Django, Fabric, Fastly, jQuery, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx, OneLogin, PagerDuty, Python, Redis, Sentry, SQLite, Underscore.js, and Varnish Cache.

Addition list of other software products that can be used for the same internally:

  •         Marketing: Percolate, SendGrid, TrendKite
  •         Sales and Support: Directly, Hiver, Zendesk
  •         Analytics: Branch Metrics, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Qubole
  •         HR: Culture Amp, Greenhouse, Parklet, Upwork
  •         Finance: Abacus, Braintree Payments, Expensify, Square
  •         Productivity: Asana, Google Apps for Work, Slack.

Underlying all of this growth is technology built into systems that organize and serve massive amounts of knowledge on both clients and servers. Therefore, many of its technical implementations are the maximum amount as a result of historical circumstances and urgency to deliver as they’re of rigorous design. As a result, different parts of the stack sometimes collide and conflict with one another. While these issues largely resulted from the speed and frugality of our efforts, they’ve also fueled our company’s growth to this point. To continue scaling, last year they began optimizing for velocity and effectiveness by clarifying and codifying the direction of our technical foundation’s development, leading to a group of technical strategies for key portions of our stack. Unifying these individual technical strategies could be a framework for technology defining the mission, context and key underlying principles of our individual technical strategies.

Why consider designing a similar App

It will convert more browsers into buyers by helping to cut back the quantity of steps from discovery to conversion, making it easier for people to urge straight to the source. Sometimes it’s good to think about the app as an enormous, visual program. People often use these apps for inspiration. Most users have tried a minimum of one recipe from each of the social media mobile applications with inspiring posts.

  • It will drive traffic and is the best tool to assist increase links back to your website, which, in turn, drives more traffic. It is simpler at steering traffic back to an internet site than to other social media sources.
  • Bookmarks and shares get you more inbound links because every pin includes a link, this makes it easy to guide it back to the source of the image. Just think about what percentage of visitors you’ll be able to awaken your website by posting images of your products on the app. This is often forgotten as a part of social media apps.
  • User engagement is ridiculously high. This is often good for your business! Why? It implies that bookmarks are more likely to be seen, touched, and even go viral!
  • The app will integrate along with your website, Facebook profile, and Twitter account. Why is that this an honest attribute? Because it enables users to automatically post new pins to their news feeds for others to work out.
  • Helps you discover what your audience loves. One of the gorgeous attributes of these apps is that you could use it to find out what’s trending without delay. Follow anyone who follows you to determine what inspires them – you may have a first-person check up on their mind. It gives you the chance to determine and understand what’s hot today and use that information to position your offers and products.

How we help create the ideal App

The smartphone business is no longer a distraction. On the contrary: together with business applications, they increase the productivity and efficiency of teams. In general, mobile app Development Company in Toronto, Canada designs mobile applications in a tailor- made pattern according to the needs and constraints of the company and its sector of activity. i-Lanam technologies provide flawless user experience that has several benefits. Your users will be more productive because of the clear graphical interface and they therefore won’t be blocked on certain tasks that would be complicated to perform with a bad interface.

  • All our app development advantages significantly reduce costs, not only during the development and in its maintenance but also in its everyday use.
  • Development is simpler.
  • We provide a user interface that is easy to customize, easily implementable good security, and none to fewer performance concerns for future scale-out.
  • We develop apps that are easy to install and maintain.

In general, digital behavior has changed. Visits to websites have become fleeting and for good reason: the proximity of consumers to their phones. Always in the hands of the consumer, phones occupy all the moments of inactivity. According to data analytics company App Annie, an average user spends at least 1 hour and 15 minutes on mobile apps on Android phones prior to the pandemic. As the usage of mobile apps have significantly increased, if not now, then when is it the perfect time to launch it? Choose i-Lanam to market your app and make it visible as our final product will be of high quality with confidentiality and security.

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