[Case Study] Successful Video Sharing App Like TikTok

Successful Video Sharing App – Unleash Your Creativity

Application Overview

TikTok is an app that comes to us from China, where it’s called Douyin. Launched in September 2016 by the giant ByteDance, it is used to share short videos. Create a similar app where users dance, play back their favorite songs, take part in challenges, or perform humorous sketches. It would definitely be profitable, so you might as well add filters and speed-up or slow-down effects, get little clips that, we must say, compete in imagination. Video streaming apps success has long been confined to Asia, where it already claimed tens of millions of users. Not so long ago, it took off across the world with the takeover of Musica.ly, a competing play-back app that’s very popular in Europe, for 700 million euros. Following this takeover, they merged. Founded in China in 2016, the company behind TikTok quickly acquired a competitor in this same niche: Musical.ly. The stroke of genius in this story? The two apps merged and Musical.ly’s subscriptions became TikTok subscriptions, spawning a staggering number of users to start this new global wave. it’s architecture is built differently from that of Facebook or Instagram. Create your app with the similar idea where users don’t need to find people they know to view content. Consult more creative videos made by users than product placements carried by popular stars of the web.

Launch your app for IOS and android users worldwide. Provide IOS and android users to make video like lip sync, comedy, talent video along with different filters of varying seconds.

 Design and develop an app for making and sharing short videos like square videos on snapchat and Instagram stories which can be explored by scrolling up and down. People nowadays love to interact with new people on social media platforms and obviously looks good on social media platforms, your app’s goal should allow users to make good looking videos with a huge variety of magical filter options. In addition to the filter it should allow users to add their favorite music to make videos worth watching. Unlike other social media platforms, it has to allow user followers options, like and comment options so you can make new friends and unleash your boundaries irrespective of caste, religion, creed everything. Enable hashtags options as hashtags that play an important role in the video app world. Hashtags actually play a vital role like hashtags nowadays are trending on twitter and actually are very influential among youngsters. They boost a unique energy in youth if they see hashtags and with hashtags it is quite possible your profile showed as a suggestion while searching with the unique word.

 Under the pseudonym and username, let users add a description, which details, for example, what will be found on their account. Allow them to change profile picture by clicking on the gray circle above the username. Enable zoom in, zoom out or improve the framing. Also make it possible to choose a profile video that they will have to select from the videos captured with their smartphone. Once their account is ready: let your app users watch or post content right away. To find friends, users should be able to search by username. Video sharing and streaming apps have been criticized for several reasons. Journalists in particular pointed out the weak data protection, the facts of cyberstalking, or the presence of inappropriate content for young users. Sexual predators can also try to come into contact with minors, sometimes posing as other young people. If they are under the age of 18 or just don’t want anyone to see the content, users can set up your account as follows:

While posting a video, it is of utmost importance for your app to probe users with a, “who can see the video” where they can choose either “public” or “friends/followers/connections only”.

Furthermore, allow them to select “privacy settings” to make sure that their profile can be kept as a private account. In that case, your users content will then only be visible to the friends you have accepted.

You could add other features so that when users post a video, to remove the comments area, or to limit the number of people who can send them a private message. If a user seems toxic, your app should enable them to be blocked and reported.

Give your users a feature where they can write just ‘animal videos’ and It will prompt a lot of options where they may select their favorite video and play. Even if it was aimed as a entertainment app which entertains people in their spare time, it could make so many ordinary people famous and for some people it will be a source of income through ads.  



Every popular app stands out for its distinctive features like snapchat has its catchy filters, Wynk for music, Instagram for followers and Facebook for likes and comments. Now imagine these features all in one app….. Yes, you could design and launch a video streaming app that will be profitable. Be a perfect example of a flawless Mobile App Strategy with an entertainment app that always binds its user to the end without letting them get bored. Create a masterpiece of a combination of music, video and social networking platforms. On an average one user spends at least 50 minutes per day on video streaming apps. It is notable that 40% of users are aged between 16-25 years.

Build a platform to allow users to like, follow and interact through sharing content and is way more than just that. Some of the excellent features most of these apps have are discussed below-

  • Private account- Understands user privacy and keeping this in mind it gives your users the option of a private account through which you can add only their favorite person into the list of your followers.
  • Drafts- Suppose you make a bunch of videos at a time and don’t want to upload right away all videos so here is the solution. It also gives you an option of drafts where you can draft your favorite videos and then post it later on.
  • Specifically selected videos- They provide a personalized video feed based on your taste like what you watch, like and share that quickly adapts your taste and gives you the best of the best according to your mood!
  • Add music- It gives you an option to add your favorite song, dialogues, poems and music to make your video a way more beautiful.
  • Bunch of editing tools- You are allowed to use a bunch of editing tools like cut, trim, fast forward, slow motion etc.
  • Emoji, stickers and filters- Huge variety of filter options to make your video to a completely different level and number of emoji and stickers which freeze the eyes of the viewers.
  • Report- If you find something suspicious not appropriate you can report and spam that particular account. It is a very useful option for a parent to block inappropriate content for their children.
  • Direct messaging- Users can also send videos, emojis, filters with direct messaging.
  • “Live” Features- available for those who at least have the minimal followers.
  •  Small gestures- feature which allows users to send social gifts as a virtual item.

Tiktok’s Unique Selling Propositions

Mobile app development services signify that it is quite unique and different from other video making apps and its unique features make it different from every other app. Major USPs that video sharing apps usually go by are-

  • Short videos by adding music and some special effects and filters along with emojis and editing tools.
  • Secondly, duet feature is also an add on the USP’s creating lip syncing music videos.
  • Marketing of these apps are also notable which is unique and different from every other social media platform.
  • Easily accessible to every common sector of the society and representing their talent is one of the major USP’s.
  • Requirement of less resources is one of the reasons for the popularity of these apps.
  • User-friendly features of these apps makes them worth using. You do not need any specific training or extra effort to understand them.
  • They cater to a wide range of demographics.

Tiktok’s technology stack

Short video streaming apps have become more popular in recent years. Its sole reliance on video for sharing content makes it more popular. For making any mobile app successful and fruitful you have to choose the best technology stack for your app. Technology stack is the thing which decides the future growth and development of any software product.

Tech Stack Behind Successful Video Sharing Apps

Swift for iOS app development– Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS and beyond. Swift code is designed safely, and also produces software that is faster than the speed of light.

Kotlin for Android app development– Kotlin is an officially supported language for developing Android apps, along with Java.

Cloud architecture powered by Amazon Web Services and Azure– AWS and Azure offer largely the same basic capabilities around flexible compute, storage, networking and pricing.

Database management by SQL– SQL statements are used to update data on a database and to retrieve data from a database.

MongoDB or Cassandra- Cassandra is non-relational, so it has different ways of storing and retrieving data. MongoDB uses JSON-like documents that consist of varied structures.

Notifications backed by Google Cloud Messaging and Apple Push Notification– Push notifications are prioritized by Google Cloud Messaging service itself. Push notifications on iOS are powered by Apple Push Notification

Node.js for backend development Node.js is a runtime environment that allows software developers to launch both the frontend and backend of web apps using JavaScript.

Azure Stream Analytics for real-time analytics– Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics is a serverless scalable complex event processing engine by Microsoft that enables users to develop and run real-time analytics on multiple streams of data from sources such as devices, sensors, web sites, social media, and other applications.

Create and Launch Better, Faster and User-friendly Mobile Apps

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B2C or B2B or B2E: Your mobile application project can be part of a framework “B2C” in which you will seek to interact with your commercial targets, customers or prospects. In other cases, your project will aim to set up a B2B interface (supplier relationship / buyer relationship) or B2E: equip employees business applications.

Client or prospect applications: Push Notifications in particular, are excellent tools for interacting with customers, enrich the customer relationship and foster consumer engagement.

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