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Developing an app is not our forte, it’s our passion. We help our clients in building applications from scratch, right from idea development, incubation of ideas, formation of major idea, constructing application and post app launch. We believe in enhancing our customer experience by understanding their needs. An app isn’t just a distribution medium. We help our clients to use an app correctly, that creates communication channels to learn from, adapt to, and better address customer needs while simultaneously meeting business objectives.
Our central goal is to deliver mobile application with frictionless customer experience and its functionality needs to align entirely with the company’s core business function. Properly leveraged, a mobile app can be a great evangelist for brands. We help companies leverage their brand value by creating engaging mobile applications. We offer improved brand visibility, better customer engagement, better revenue generation tactics such as reward points etc that lead to customer satisfaction and hence outstanding customer experience.
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Interactive UI/UX

Hell bent on creating an intuitive, relevant, easy, efficient UI/UX deigns that help our customers achieve their goals and win our customers trust.


Smooth Development

With our experienced development team, we ensure the entire transformation of your idea into an application is done accurately and smoothly.

Easy Payments

We never over burden our client to pay for the application development and take all worries out of their mind so by providing easy milestone based payment options so that they can focus on their business needs.

I-Lanam’s Unique Values.

i-Lanam – We listen to understand.

We believe in listening to the client’s requirement and expectations first and understand it well before providing any suggestion, solution or delivery to our clients. We always believe that creator and developer should be on the same page throughout the communication.
  • Analysis & Pre-development Stage

    We know that making a mobile application is not rocket science. But making the correct mobile application is surely is. We do a lot of pre-planning, research, cost v/s benefit analysis and hence come to conclusion of investing in a specific application for our clients. We study our client’s interests and map them to a scalable, feasible idea, which could further be developed into a full-fledged mobile application. This is the most underrate stage of mobile app development but it defined the foundation of the app.

  • Design and Development Stage

    Whatever be the size, complexity or requirement of your mobile application, i-Lanam Technologies is a one-stop solution in developing the finest mobile and web applications. Our solutions include Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Web Application Development, Web Designing, IOT (Internet Of Things), AR/VR Mobile Games and many more.

  • After Post App Release Support

    Post Release App Support and Maintenance Services such as continuous testing, bug fixes, data security, software updates etc are our integral part. Results speaks about the effort. At i-Lanam, we take these words very seriously. We believe in taking responsibility for our actions, and that’s why, we won’t leave you by yourself, once app development is over. We provide post release support to all our clients. We treat you the way we want to be treated ourselves

We provide the exceptional service we'd want to experience ourselves

Your business thrives on the quality of your product. If your product doesn’t meet customer expectations or isn’t in line with industry standards, you lose. We are providing quality and cost effectiveness together. We provide the exceptional service we'd want to experience ourselves
Customer Satisfaction 95%
Timely Delivery 85%
Development Quality 90%
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