[Case Study] Successful Live Video Streaming App

Application Overview

Live video and streaming apps allow users to watch the live streaming of the video game being played by other gamers. One can also play a live stream of their own game and watch it. These apps have such a big source and platform that it gets millions of viewers on the monthly basis in the video game streaming. Not only the viewers, but the app entertains a large number of pro gamers who have millions of followers, and also enjoys streaming their games on this terrific platform. Within the first few years of launch, these apps are gaining millions of viewers every year. Video streaming apps usually gain millions of viewers and then gradually become more and more recognized as a large source of internet traffic. Later on, considering the hype of the app, it gains more worth when it will be updated. Design and develop mobile apps similar to Twitch, a professional e-sports streaming website has also streamed popular sports like basketball, hockey, football. Sports Leagues deal with Video streaming applications to stream their games and events. These apps become popular because of the increasing interest and live streaming feature in eSports. Incorporate subscriptions in your app but also make it available at an affordable cost. On the other hand, it involves paying for all the subscriptions for streamers. Enable in-app options for viewers to click on the subscribe button on the streamer’s page, the streamer to get paid for each one of them. Also offer the Subscription as Gifts to the users’ dear ones.

Audience on Twitch

When talking about today’s world, children are more prone to gaming than the traditionally used to do. Also, there are very few of today’s gamers who are millennials and who hardly represent stereotypical gamers. Now, gaming is the best medium for entertainment, a social activity, and children’s engaging also, for a large sector of people of the millennial media gaming is a diet with two-thirds of Canadian millennials playing every month. Gaming apps accounts for 72.2% of all hours watched live on the Internet which is high among all live-streaming platforms. There are 54% who have full-time employment. There are 43% who have a university degree. Their average household income is around $58,000. There are 46% of children. 76% subscribe to a movie streaming service. And 36% subscribe to a music streaming service. Make your app provide a free monthly channel subscription. One can have partnered/Affiliate channels as a video and music app. Include bundles of free games live streaming every month. Make a number of exclusive emoticons available so that users can use it while having the interaction through a chat box. Video streaming app users can have an expanded chat color option. Introduce subscription package includes a lot of services altogether.


These terrific video streaming applications provide you with unbelievable features like other social media platforms. Users can follow their favorite channels & enjoy their gameplay. Anyone can try using the platform and enjoy the features such as:

  • Chat room: Though being a live video game streaming website, your mobile app should be able to allow users to interact with others on the platform. Give them privileges of direct messaging where they can also use private messaging or conversation between two users. Chat Rooms inclusion would be a unique feature that makes it totally different from other apps.  Provide chat rooms intended to immerse viewers within the experience in each live session. Mobile gaming apps consider Community interaction as an essential parameter for overall development.  All these chats are in a modifying nature. Include chat features that offer a trait of individuals mentioning a person by messaging directly or only to a specific person whose name without letting any other person in the group to read the same. But on the other hand, ensure that it doesn’t become an attraction of cyberbullying because of such a high number of viewers who can create mayhem.
  • Viewing streams: One can view the live streams of gaming and enjoy this feature with the traits such as viewing the stream in any android app which enhances the quality of what they watch. Offer Light and Dark mode which gives users privileges of adjusting the screen as per comfort.
  • Emoticons: These apps offer one-on-one interaction of viewers and streamers and one another while streaming. This becomes more fascinating when it is featured by the use of emoticons. Users can create and use the emoticon as a means of communication or a reply in the chat. Not only this, but the emoticons goes along with the trend, i.e. it provides you with the emoticon based on the new memes, trends, cultural events ets. 
  • Tabs: Enabling users to see different tabs which could help them use the app in a simpler way. LIVE tab takes them to the streaming which is going live at the moment you login. Usually from the people they follow or their friends. It also gives them an opportunity to enjoy the streaming from the channels they’ve subscribed to. Build the app with tabs that gives access to the YouTube like feature which is trending from all the streamers your users follow and recommend them the content based on the viewing history. Also, including a feature that gives games they follow with a list of the viewers of the same game watching the live stream. Eventually, millions of users will connect to your app as long as they have internet connectivity and enjoy the live streaming video interactive session. This feature will surely be beneficial for all users.
  • Provide professional training courses: Streaming services will highly benefit the gaming Industry and give updates about tournaments that users can stream live at any time of the day.
  • Extension: Always bring in a new feature or new update that is created only for the gaming community or to a similar one. Allow members to engage with each other further, so that they can impede any new innovative ideas and create the opportunity to build interactive extensions to channels.

Community meetups: Community meetups services generally win the heart of many users. Host as many opportunities for members to meet up and grow their friendships in real life (IRL). And create a global streaming service network consisting of users from all around the world. Make your app accessible for the iOS and Android users, so that it can be used by a large group of people.


Though there exists a number of live streaming apps, if your app offers its users a number of features it will definitely stand out and catch the eye of more audiences. Viewers become ‘unique viewers’ when they watch a live stream more than 3 times and so the streamer gets unique views. Another unique thing which could distinguish your app from the other apps or live streaming websites is its restrictions on only video games streaming. This will allow your mobile app to gain popularity.


Design an app that could be the world’s top game live streaming website with its easy interface for the users to enjoy the live streaming. For such amazing mobile app development services that build an easy live streaming interface, a high technology stack is used at the back-end. You may use Ruby on Rails for the app and Data, along with the PostgreSQL and Firebase. Utilities can be derived using technologies such as Switype, Recurly, Authy and many more other tools. Rollbar for Dev and Google Apps, Hackpads for Business. Also, data derived from some trusted websites also tell us that Video systems have been made up using Video ingest; RTMP video. Transcode system from Intake RTMP stream via the broadcaster and transcode it into multiple HLS streams which is a combination of C/C++ and Go. Also, when we talk about (VOD) Video on Demand, it would be a smart move for the app to have its own VOD system. Include Web APIs and Data which provides services such as Web APIs, Search and discovery which helps users to discover the streams, Revenue systems and Administrative tools that assist the app representatives to solve the customer’s problems. 

Living in advanced technology has enabled us for many valuable new forms of the learning platform. Such technology has particularly the ability to facilitate online distance learning sessions in many fields with the help of video editing apps. Make sure your app is one such discussion board and chat rooms that allows real-time teacher-learner and learner-learner interactions. Although there are many traditional YouTube™ and such similar platforms which allow asynchronous video-based instruction for educational related content and that has been effective for learning also. But when it comes to the curriculum includes motor skills, procedures and any other activities. 

Mobile apps like Twitch are in many ways similar to YouTube, as they allow users to generate video content, albeit in different forms. YouTube has video streaming and live-streaming for Twitch. Develop a unique app that contains the valuable content such as the most common resolutions of active streams, the average bit rate at which broadcasters upload their streams, key demographics of the app user base, and the average length of stored videos.  Such informative app content may directly benefit the many professional companies that can expect the terms of network traffic and hardware requirements and especially storage space.

Use a unique learning platform that gives an opportunity for interactive sessions between teachers and learners and among learners.

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