A Case Study on COVID-19 Contact Tracing App

And why you should consider it!

There are some COVID-19 Contact Tracing app in market that uses the smartphone’s in-built features to determine the user’s location and informs them of the proximity to infected areas based on collected data. It gained popularity through the backing of the government as well as the user’s increased knowledge of the chances of infection either through future contact with the virus based on their geographical location, or through past interaction. This also qualifies the user based on their health depending on the symptoms they identify after installing the app.

We at i-lanamtechnologies have brought to you, a comprehensive case study on the such  Covid-19 Contact Tracing App, its features, and the multiple facets of it. We understand that developing an app for any business can be a task, and knowing the right parameters can help influence your choices for the better. The aim of this case study is to shed more light on how this app works and provide basic pointers for any business that wishes to develop an app like this.


The purpose of this case study is to highlight the solutions provided by the Covid-19 Contact Tracing App to enable contact tracing, identification and syndromic surveillance so as to keep civilians alert in terms of proximity to an infected source. Furthermore, it is an effort to facilitate similar app solutions for those who wish to develop an app similar to this.

App Technicalities

Such apps can be developed in multiple regional languages so that it suit the target audience- that is, the varied multilingual population. Aside from easing comprehensibility, it is available on two platforms- namely Android, and iOS, in order to ensure that maximum people can make use of it based on the device that they use.  Such apps uses in-built features within the smartphone such as GPS and Bluetooth, and it can  gain quick popularity as smilier apps are in demand, even today.

App History

The similar app published earlier were applauded by many and looked at, as means to relief generating much-needed awareness. This brings to attention the patients data made available by respective governments and by registering self as a Covid positive or negative under profile registration, a tracking on individuals can be performed, making it a useful application for tracking down the COVID affected people and avoiding the infection by maintaining proper distancing and precautions.

App Features

1. Self Assessment and User Status

The user status is one of the foremost important features of the app- it informs the user of the risk of catching COVID19. After installing the app, the user has to take a mandatory MCQ test that screens their health status as well as recent interaction with possibly affected patients, based on their answers. The option “See recent contacts” just below safety status allows the user to check whether any new cases have come up in close proximity.

2. COVID19 Updates

The updates of diagnosed patients in radii of 500m, 1 km, 2 km, 5 km and 10 km, are provided by this feature, that collects real-time data to display statistics through scrolling feature. A separate tab by the same name displays the cases over time across various states while also providing a graphical representation for better understanding.

3. Media

Quick explainer videos on FAQs regarding topics such as privacy, data security and the app guide, are available in the Media tab. Aside from this, other trending media on COVID19 such as videos using tags such as #BreakTheStigma, #WorldFightsCorona etc. are also present. This feature is very beneficial for those who prefer watching explainer videos over reading.

4. E-Pass

If the user has applied for an E-Pass, it is showcased with a QR code and a unique six-digit ID with information on the type of service that the user is involved in: company name, supply chain partner, e-pass valid till date, location, nature of work, etc.
In addition to this, the section explains who can apply, how and where e-pass services can be used, as well as how to verify the e-pass.

5. FAQs

FAQs are an integral part of any app that is new to use, and allows users to have a better understanding of the  app. It addresses queries such as About the App, Approved Labs, Personal Info and anonymizing it, GPS requirements, information storage duration, privacy features, server details, protocol on being tested positive, etc.

6. API Interface

The Application Programming Interface that the app is built on, enables other mobile applications as well as web interfaces to use the features and data provided by the app.

We at i-lanamtechnologies believe in bringing to you, such Covid tracker applications that suit your business needs. Furthermore, we also understand the situation that prevails globally, and want to bring to you the best available resources in order to create an app that is suitable to your needs.

Why should you consider creating a COVID-19 Contact Tracing app ?

– It can pertain to the standard operating procedures that involve mandatory checks
– It adds to safety and establishes a sense of security to the user
– It takes help of existing technologies such as Bluetooth and GPS.

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