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Contactless Food Delivery Services

How to make the most of mobile app development services and technology to grow your business amidst pandemic

It is no news that most habits have changed during this pandemic, right from personal to professional lives. Technologies have taken their game up by a notch, and most businesses have learned to adapt in order to survive and subsequently flourish. In that, food & dining habits have, and will continue to, adapt to the COVID19 crisis. In areas not declared as or in the vicinity of contamination zones, online food delivery apps are, and will be, very successful. 

For established hotel/restaurant businesses this means growing existing business. Similarly, for those looking to start home kitchens this can mean sources of income since restaurant-going will soon be replaced by over-cautious food ordering habits. Moreover, one of the best reasons to consider this option is that its expected annual growth rate is 7.5%. The fact that shutting down of retail stores leaves food delivery as the only option for this industry, will benefit mobile app development services. A regular mobile food ordering app will also benefit shopkeepers selling groceries as well as food supplies, as they are also reliant on this technology now. Moreover, increase in bulk quantities due to panic buying has inflated demand.

App making as a business is a fruitful endeavour that many are looking to seek during the COVID-19 outbreak, no matter the size of the business. This is because aside from going digital to provide ease to brand reach, traffic and monetization ability, people are getting used to a life of self-isolation– stepping out to avail these services is a distant possibility. Normalization of these means could make staying at home and ordering food more comfortable, even post-pandemic.

A lot goes into making an app, and more so, for custom businesses. Engagement from the user’s perspective, call-to-action features, user attention, awareness, a simple interface that allows quick navigation, are just some of the major aspects of it. [We at i-Lanam Technologies as a mobile application development company offer these services, among other things (Check us out at: )]

Sell and Deliver Your Food Online

1. Growing a food-based business and 

2. Using apps to deliver

hint at the long-term gains that any successful business should consider amidst pandemic.

Having said that, it’s also important to note that one must be thorough with their requirements and motives before deciding to move ahead with this idea. An app’s feasibility alone cannot contribute to how fruitful one’s business will be. It is ultimately dependent on what the business’s goals/ motives are. Therefore, if you are a business looking to develop an online food delivery app, you should first consider jotting points down. It is these requirements that’ll give clarity to the artificial intelligence companies/ mobile app development services that you choose to work with. Making changes halfway through/ revamping app design sometime after its launch only leads to added costs.

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Business idea

Although the term ‘app’ is generally linked with mobile applications, web applications are just as useful today. However, food delivery applications follow the trend of being mobile based, since they are perceived as more accessible.

Apps that move on to becoming extraordinary include the same basic elements as most apps, except that they have the following optimized: Name, logo, headline, subheading, video integration (tutorial of how the app works), call to action, etc. This gives them an upper hand in increasing reach/ brand awareness while looking to provide long-term solutions such as generating traffic/ converting leads.

The basic prerequisites that go into making any app successful are the effectiveness of these features. To explain a few scenarios, the logo when placed in a different position than the text attracts individual attention. This does not necessarily mean that it must be complicated– it could also be simple and contribute to easy navigation within said app. Similarly, any kind of creative animation of any aspect of the logo/name of the app instantly attracts attention. One must also ensure they aren’t going over-the-top with these designs and keeping them consistent to add to the holistic look and feel of the app. Witty headings/ subheading, unique colors, meaningful visuals, explanatory tools, call-to-action buttons such as Download/ install, Entering e-mail ID/phone number, Scheduling orders, etc. can be optimized to increase the brand’s database.  

Idea Concept Illustration
Idea Concept Illustration

Aside from features, lots of administrative planning goes into making an app successful. This might be a tedious process and can often be perceived as the less enjoyable part of making an app. This is important in today’s times; wherein newer government policies and unforeseen crisis management strategies must be thought of. Similarly, mobility concerns are a big lookout, especially for fear of contamination amidst this pandemic. No-contact delivery, fewer delivery fees, safety measures such as sanitation and gloves or digital payment options, when integrated in the app are major contributing factors that go into ensuring that your hotel/restaurant app flourishes. 

There is a range of services available out there that can cater to your needs. However, this new world is one wherein concerns other than business management and technology, such as safety and sanitation, health regulations, preventive measures, legal guidelines etc. also matter. Working with these newer, difficult challenges can be difficult as it is. To further the complexity, incorporating technical aspects such as what artificial intelligence companies to approach, successful restaurant app designs, the correct mobile app development services, and the like, can be a daunting task. It is important to seek the help of agencies/ mobile app development services that can provide their expertise in developing your app. Not only is this economical in terms of time and effort, but also in terms of money, for it saves recurring costs that would otherwise go into rebuilding an unsuccessful app.

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